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Standard Assault League - Description & Rules

(Last updated: Februrary 2007)


Please be aware: These rules are subject to change without prior notification / notice. It is the responsibility of the participant to ensure they are aware of current rules in effect.

The league consists of a number of 9+ clan divisions. When you sign-up to the league you enter the 'Holding Zone' (see below for details). Once you have managed to gain entry to the league from the holding zone the aim is try and climb the division table. This is done by defeating other clans in the same division. The scoring for league matches is as follows:





1) The Top Clan from each division (except the top division) is automatically promoted to the division above.

2) The Bottom Clan from each division (except the bottom division) is automatically relegated to the division below.

3) The second clan from each division (except the top division) takes part in a play-off match with the clan in 8th position in the division above. The winning clan is placed in the higher of the two divisions; the losing clan is placed in the lower of the two divisions. Playoffs may not be required if there are clans which are leaving.

4) The clans required to participate in a play-off match have until the end of the third day of the month to arrange and play the play off match.


Division Formation/Destruction


If at the end of the month, after all promotion/relegation has taken place, the lowest division contains more than 9 clans, the excess clans will be removed from that division and used to create a new division (so that what was the lowest division will contain 5 clans and a new lowest division will be formed with 4+ clans). All the clans that start this new division will have their points reset to 1000.


If after the promotion phase a division contains less that 4 clans, all the clans from that division will be promoted to the next division up and that division will be disbanded.


Matches V Clans in the 'Holding Zone'


The scoring for matches against clans in the 'Holding Zone' is:

Division Switching Points Rule




There are two types of forfeit which depend on the state of the schedule entry at the time of forfeit.


The Holding Zone


When you sign-up to the league your clan will be placed in the 'Holding Zone'. From here you must earn your place in the league. To do this you must do one of the following:

There are no time restrictions for matches played within the 'Holding Zone'. You may play as many or as few matches a week as you wish. However reserves the right to remove any clan from the 'Holding Zone' who has not managed to play the minimum of 4 matches required to enter the league within a reasonable period of time (e.g. 2 Months).


After being promoted from the holding zone you will need to play: 4 minus the number of games you've played this month minus the number of whole weeks past in the month. i.e. Being promoted on your first game of the month played on the 16th means: 4 minus 1 minus 2 = 1 more game. Depending on your schedule entries you may not be able to reject games listed - contact an administrator for more details. You may play a full 4 games for the month if you wish.


If challenged via the schedule (i.e someone adds you to their schedule) then you may reject/accept this match. An administrator may contact your clan (via it's listed emails) to see what your decision is, failure to respond may result in your clan being judged inactive.


League Rules


Match Rules

  AS-Asthenosphere OR AS-AsthenosphereAL AS-AutoRIP
  AS-Ballistic AS-Bridge
  AS-DesertStorm AS-Desolate][
  AS-Frigate AS-GolgothaAL
  AS-Golgotha][AL AS-Guardia OR AS-GuardiaAL
  AS-HiSpeed AS-Lavafort][
  AS-Mazon AS-OceanFloor OR AS-OceanFloorAL
  AS-Overlord AS-RiverbedAL
  AS-Riverbed]l[AL AS-Rook
  AS-Siege][ AS-Submarinebase][

Match Scheduling Rules

Match Game-Play Rules

Player & Clan registration Rules

Player Authorisation Rules

Misconduct / Cheating