Match Information

Pro Assault Match

-»iD) 7 v 7 [«Amp»]
0 Points Before 326
326 Points After 326
+326 Points Change 0
Date of Match: 14/10/2007
-»iD): Had to wait till the next day to do the match report. Or it would have been a pure vent of frustration. An highly annoying version of what could have been a very close and enjoyable match. Apart from the server (at least I hope it was the server) making it near impossible to hit anything. Shooting through crouched players was mega annoying especially as they were crouched a hell of a lot. So in short up yours server 6. And GG Amp [«Amp»]: <Sphere> We was cruising at 6-2 until Lady Luck started giving us a good humping, Carnage = monster *ROAR*, I yet again didn't put in our map list so we played theirs twice and...dote had 145 f1 ping + spikes and didn't want to play, but did so anyway so we could all have a game – ty m8. Despite a bit of bad luck and us losing cohesion near the end, a 7-7 beats a 40 minute 8-0 any day so it was a gg imo; frustrating at times, but good <Spoq> carn, you're aim is freaky! <Len> "how to lose a match, chapter 1"