Match Information

Pro Assault Match

-}PïP{- 8 v 2 -{CoH}-
693 Points Before 531
746 Points After 478
+53 Points Change -53
Date of Match: 24/03/2005
-}PïP{-: first of all, I assume that you let mush write your match reports cause he likes to flame me and my team, he even wrote last dB* report against pip while he's not even in dB :rofl: : to mush :wave: m8 SMB! I forgot to enter maps so I asked mym to set maps, but it needed permission of the other clan cause it was not 3 days or more before --> those kinda rules makes this league suck, well they didn't give permission so we pld coh maps all the time, good choice you have ;) lol balli attack was fun, first I make a multi on pip, then you'd think they'd set up their def, but rofl we got main gate in the attack after and set a complete time of 2 mins or so, for the rest gg, funny, teamplay was great for once ;) gj m8s :) and now for some amusement let's see some irc quotes: ''<Axl_Rose&g t; i wanted to join but well i pwned the whole team on my trial so...'' haha so funny you never got a trial rofl want to play some dm with me or my team?! :rofl: boon f0 <Mush> ORCHILD UR A COCK, well mush sux cock, so o.O mush sux orchild? ownage orchild you have slaves :) ||| GG nice and flamy at last :) -{CoH}-: My first Pro match, very diff from std. CoH pro needs some work but we will be much better our next match guaranteed. It didn't help that our old match arranger neglected to choose any of our maps except for frigate, but they forgot to enter their map choices to and played well. GJ PiP, I look forward to our next match. We will put up more of a fight ;) .