Match Information

Standard Assault Match

=)TåC(= 1 v 8 -{CoH}-
183 Points Before 630
165 Points After 648
-18 Points Change +18
Date of Match: 30/10/2004
Invalid player (F:1796)
=)TåC(=: fs this has gotta stop. Start showin up for matches , read the fucking schedual ! i had 5 guys today including myself , after wich 2 went to work. CoH showed with 3 but slowly build up to 6. the first few minutes of the match were fun , then it got quite annoying.TaC players kept leavin , there were no backups online , and each member of CoH had 150 ping + (3 of them had 250 adn 300) so they were a real bitch to hit :p .on rook they launched with 3v6 teams and an 6 point lead . ah well. They played ok , we sucked , hopefully tonights match well get our shit together./Oli -{CoH}-: Was an easy match. We only had 3 ppl at start, then our team came by midmatch. And their team started leaving at 6-1 for us. We lost desertstorm 3 vs 5. Not much flaming except for one guy who complained about our high ping (isnt that our job?). It's not our fault u cant aim :P. /LeKitto